A significant year...
At last there's time to sit and catch up with myself. I can't remember all that happened in 2002 but I must say I really enjoyed the rest that Xmas gave us. Last year was significant for me in many ways not least for the fact that it saw my return to art actions. Sometimes things just fall into place and you don't even notice. That's what happened with and what was so wonderful about my two art actions at Disneyland and Beachy Head. I've been working on their documentation and will continue with two further actions in 2003 that will complete my 'Selflessness' project. The TG24 project dominated much of last year but the end result has been more than worth the work and time it demanded. It's also been a strange year as far as looking back like this is concerned but TG being so long ago meant I found I had a refreshingly different perception of it all. Chris and I had a really great time playing our concert in Antwerp in November. It was one of those moments when time seems to just fly past because you are so engrossed in the act of creating. It felt so right and flowed so well that when it ended it I felt I'd been awoken from a dream. And now I'm itching to get in the studio again and work on a new CTI album, my new EAR 4 CD, collaborations and video. Oh yes, compiling our Antwerp video really got us both excited about working with visuals again so expect to see some new material in 2003.
More later...

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