The year has zoomed past...
This year has zoomed past in a blur and I can't believe it's nearly September. I don't know why my life is full of frustration at not having enough time to do everything I want, but then I do prefer having more than less time on all levels. The Carter Tutti and TG shows earlier this year overlapped which meant having to be in two different mind sets - that was weird at times.
But I've got to the point that so much has happened I can't begin to remember exactly what. Whether that's a good thing or not I have no idea, so I'll settle for what I can drag from the back of my mind when needs be.
This summer has been the first in about 5 years that I've managed to stay at home for an extended period and that's been wonderful. Although I had projects to finish with Chris and for TG none of that demanded my having to be away so I got time to sit in the garden and enjoy the company of our resident birds, bees, hedgehogs and other creatures great & small. Simple pleasures after such a busy 6 months.
Our Feral Vapours film has been held up again because of all the other unexpected events and interesting projects that demanded our attention but we're determined to immerse ourselves again next month when we return to filming once more. That's what's exciting me most at the moment. It will be released in its own good time.
I've been thrilled at the great reception of COH PLAYS COSEY and I'll be beginning work on the sister album COSEY PLAYS COH later this year.
The TG & Cerith Wyn Evans audio sculpture collaboration: 'A=p=p=a=r=i=t=i=o=n' is now complete and has far exceeded all our expectations. It's being shipped to Japan for the Yokohama 2008 Triennial which opens on 13th September. It's very difficult to explain the wonderful experience so here's a little info:
Yokohama Triennale 2008
Video clip of testing A=p=p=a=r=i=t=i=o=n
It seems like September is time when things kick off again as then I'm back in the studio recording with Chris, doing a remix for Excepter and then working on contributing some vocals for our friend Terry's new album. Then I'll also be returning to working on my new Art edition of photographic sets of prints. I'm sure I've forgotten something along the way but suffice to say there's much fun ahead!
Signing off till later,

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