Time escapes me...
It’s been so long since I posted news on what’s been happening but time escaped me as I rushed from project to project and then caught up on sleep. The events of the past year have really challenged me in many ways and I’m thankful. Geff’s empty space still flickers with a peaceful energy. Life continues to deliver surprises and makes me feel that as I grow I begin to question more, rather than less. Knowledge and experience seem to create a need for more of the same which is both a joy and a curse. Life is sweet and I feel like I could burst with the utter ecstacy of it at times. January and February were taken up with preparations for our CARTER TUTTI concert for M.O.C.A in Los Angeles. The concert was wonderful, so many thanks to everyone who was present and shared such a special time with us. I’m excitedly working on a show for the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven which will open on May 7th. Collating all the material is intense but I’m relishing it. After this I’ll be presenting (for one night only) ‘Selflessness 2’ at TRACE Gallery in Cardiff which will be the first time any of these series of art actions has been seen. I’m rubbing my hands with glee at the thought of beginning a new CARTER TUTTI album in the summer. More diary news after this I suspect. But don’t hold me to it. All details on projects mentioned can be found on the news page.

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