Somewhere between here and there...
Phew! What a weird 4 days it's been since I got home. The jet lag, fatigue, TG head cold and euphoria combined to put me in another space for a while - between sleep and consciousness. I'm gradually coming round and assimilating the magnitude of the experiences I had in the US. The shows and audiences were overwhelmingly wonderful. Meeting so many great people on top of all that kind of threw me into overload with a huge grin on my face and a glow within. What more could I ask for? I know I've thanked everyone before but I feel I need to again. THANK YOU for your warmth, enthusiasm and being up for it.

I also met a lot of people I'd corresponded with for many years and myspace friends too. So that leap from virtual into reality was special. BIG love to you all especially Skot, Jim, B & T, Monte, Sasha, Ian, Todd, Chris, Matt, Josh, Ms Xena, Andrew and all.

Lots to do now I'm back but all that can wait till I've rested some more.

Moochy Monday,


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