Collecting my thoughts...
I have that stunned feeling now I've momentarily ceased. Or should I be saying I have seized time to collect my thoughts? Either way I have had to extract myself from the eye of the storm of activities. We have had such an intense time with many wonderful energies of friends and family sharing our home relaxing and working. The house is charged in the most positive and vibrant way. Alas all plans to begin a new CARTER TUTTI album have been thwarted due to work on TG projects taking longer than expected and now with the Berlin TG concerts in December it looks like we won't begin full on new work until February 2006. I completed 'Licking the Juice', a solo track for the Chicks on Speed compilation 'Girl Monster' which is due for release in February 2006. In between finishing the new TG album, I've been organising the materials for the TG Berlin exhibition ('Industrial Annual Report') and also working on my own Art projects for up coming exhibitions at Triennial at Tate Britain next March and Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles in March 2007. More details on all these events will be put up on my site and sent to those on our email subscriber list. I was thrilled to be awarded the Trace John Boehme Lifetime Achievement Award for Past and Continuing Performance Art by Trace Gallery, Cardiff. Nice to be recognised for previous and present deeds.
Thanking you people so much!


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