On A High...
It's been nigh on 6 weeks since I got back from the TG USA shows and I'm feeling pretty damn good and energised again. Lots has been happening in other areas of my work/life which has taken me away from the TG zone. Mainly in the art world with my inclusion in the forthcoming Tate Modern exhibition 'Pop Life' which opens October 1st. I'm thrilled to be in the company of some wonderful works. Also this summer I'll be finishing my new work 'The Szabo Sessions' and continuing to hammer out other budding art projects.

A number of music projects are coming together now which will take up all my time for the rest of this year with plans for live shows in 2010. It's all VERY exciting and fulfilling especially working with new people.

For now, I'm back in the studio working on the upcoming TG shows. 
More as I get time to update you all.


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