Almost back from the abyss...
My very best to everyone who has visited here at home. As many will know by now, since my last posting I've spent the best part of December and this year ill which has set me back with many projects. Many thanks to all who have posted comments, sent cards, flowers, messages and emails wishing me well. They really did cheer me up. Now I'm slowly getting back to full health when I can begin working in earnest on my new photographic art works. I'll also be working on preparations for the Carter Tutti European concerts this year. When the concerts are confirmed I'll post them here and subscribers to our newsletter will receive info. Pre production on the Feral Vapours film is under way and we'll be working on it throughout the year between other projects. Hoping to release it in the autumn/winter period.
I'm also very happy to announce that the COH PLAYS COSEY collaboration album was released March 6th on Raster Noton label (
Raster Noton website) and later this year I hope to begin work on the sister album COSEY PLAYS COH. There are some TG gigs in the pipeline (Throbbing Gristle web site). So with these amongst other interesting events and opportunities that arise, 2008 is pretty much spoken for and I'm reeling with anticipation.
So I'm back in mind and spirit but the body energies have still to catch up :-).

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