Oscillating between many pleasures...
Phew! - two days after the Tate Symposium and I'm feeling that my time allows for some small pleasures now after all the juggling around of project deadlines. The symposium talk I had with Catherine went very well and we addressed some interesting issues, partly in response to the previous talks - particularly by the head of art business studies at Sotheby's. One of the best things about 'in conversations' is that they tend to steer into unexpected territories which is always a bonus for me. The 'Pop Life' show demands deep engagement by those who go see it and especially art critics. Some of the works highlight a fundamental aspect of art since the 70s, the purpose of its production and the cynical marketing of it. The differing approaches of the artists make for a great starting point for discussion that many have chosen to ignore - opting for the obvious outrage.....now where have I seen that before?

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons so I'm basking in the riot of colour leaf fall brings and enjoying nesting for the cold winter months ahead - hot crumpets, good films and RECORDING again!!! Hooray! I've been away far too long.


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