Summer recedes
So the summer is finally receding and autumnal activities are descending upon me. I'll be installing my work for the Tate exhibition 'Pop Life' in 2 weeks time then going for the PV with friends. I'm really looking forward to the show - there's some great work and I'm in very good company. I may also be doing an on conversation in October as part of the symposium for the exhibition - I'll let you know when and where as things are finalised.

I'm also in two books that are published in the following months: 'Post Porn Politics' in which I talk with Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, and 'Stanley Picker Gallery Public Lectures on Art. 1: Cosey Fanni Tutti in conversation with Andrew Wheatley' - a transcript of the talk along with photographs of works discussed.

As it gets cold outside I'm longing to get back to recording in the studio. I'm itching to get cracking. There's three sound projects in progress and all so very different to each other not to mention GRISTLEISM of course.... which is on schedule and looking grrrreat.

I'll keep you posted more often now things have calmed down.


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