Never ending...
It's been such an intense year that when I look back at what has gone on I realise I've unwittingly been thinking half the events took place last year. I must admit that the lists of deadlines seemed to be never ending as one got fulfilled to be replaced by another yet I have been happily feeding off the activities with great enthusiasm and excitement. It's always been the case that from such maelstroms come many creative satellites and meetings with old and new wonderful people. Of course the price is stress and exhaustion and I think (despite some health hiccups along the way) I've managed to ward off anything really untoward. I guess you learn damage limitation skills - well you have to - and I don't see the point of doing this if it's not positive and fun. What has been uplifting is the experience of the very new and inspiring. After all my years as an artist in these past few years I have seen and heard new works that blow me away - I can't tell you how awesome that feels.
Working on the John Cage remix was a true joy then our weekend was blessed with a visit from Richard (Chartier) and Bob. Now I'm looking forward to Terry (Millimetre) arriving this week to work on some tracks with us and then I'm off to Rome with Chris for my talk at the British School at Rome.
After that I'm gearing up (or is it down) to devote the whole of December to relaxing.... which includes the new art projects I'm working on so they will see the light of day next year.
Life is rich and beautiful.

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