Calm and sunshine..
Well I finally feel like I've re connected with my self after all the flurry of TG activities.
The intensity of creative flow and physical demands have been a real challenge but I must say that Sleazy's stay here in our home was an utter pleasure. Things cranked up several notches the few weeks prior to the Tate when the TG machine seemed to have a life of its own driving us forward with relentless momentum. Hence the exhilarating feelings I felt for the Tate and ICA events which were already so much a part of me. Presenting our work to the welcoming arms of those who attended felt so right. So I must thank you all for embracing all that we brought to you.

I'm catching up on my solo and Carter Tutti projects - now starting with a 7" cover version, preparing for another exhibition, continuing my project with COH and generally mooching around wandering into the garden to pick those ripening juicy strawberries.

Happy and calm.............

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