Our wonderful holiday in Los Angeles was a welcome break after a busy start to 2002 and also as a re-energiser prior to beginning our next projects. The first of the 'SELFLESSNESS' live art actions took place in Disneyland on the 2nd May with the assistance of Chris Carter, Skot Armstrong and Russell Dorward. I have been working on the documentation and presentation in between all else that I have in progress.
The second 'SELFLESSNESS' live art action took place on Beachy Head at approximately 6am on the 12th July. Only myself and Chris were present for this funerary art action, in the stillness and tranquility that only dawn brings. This special action was well documented. Thankfully the TG/Industrial re launch releases are nearing completion, we can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel now.
I'm also currently working on an ongoing and very enjoyable collaboration with Chris Carter of a photographic work in progress. So far we have given it the working title of 'Room Service'. The representation of my 1970's sex magazine 'CONFESSIONS' is now finalised. There will be a hard back deluxe numbered and very limited edition, and also a soft cover edition. I will be posting information on when and where it will be available in the coming months. We are comsidering offering a subscription service for obtaining this book. For serious enquiries regarding the deluxe hard back edition please contact:
I recently attended the wonderful 'Artist/Model' exhibition at the I.C.A. with photographic works by Fergus Greer of Leigh Bowery and Richard Kern's photographs of girls. The focus of the exhibition was the exploration of the complex relationship between the artist and model. I took part in a panel discussion with Richard Kern, Lucy McKenzie (artist and occasional Kern model), Geoff Nicholson (writer) and I.C.A. director and curator Matthew Higgs. The talk was both interesting and revealing in terms of how the artist regards the model in relationship to the work of art that is being jointly created and particularly with my own work in the 1970's in which I was both artist and model. I'm also very excited about a new collaboration with Lucy Mckenzie, which we will be working on later this year.
Back to recording soon with diversions into collating the live action works in preparation for presentation. My new CD EAR 4, the next in the continuing Electronic Ambient Remix series is set (optimistically) for release late this year or early 2003. Check out my events and actions pages to catch up on what has been happening alongside everything else already mentioned.


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