Another Country...
Sleazy's Prayer flags

Long time no blog - an understatement… but I make no excuses or apologies as it's obvious that the huge amount of activities this year (and my comments on Twitter) precluded blogging.... I just forgot in the maelstrom of hopping from one project and country to another. 

Yes it's been an extraordinary year, a non-stop train of creative endeavours, a great sense of fulfilment on many levels both artistically and personally. But we need to calm things down a bit to ensure our physical well being. So... Chris and I will primarily be working on the huge project that is 'TG's Desertshore, The Final Report’ for the coming months with the aim to release it late’ish 2012.

Some really, really exciting things are happening next year, the first being the Koenig publication of 'COSEY COMPLEX’, the book of the 2010 ICA event of the same name. Chris and I also have some special live performances planned for 2012 and we’ll announce those as soon as we have them confirmed, probably in February. So I'm totally looking forward to a great 2012. 

But right now I'm preparing for the last Carter Tutti performance of 2011 on Dec 3rd in Rome. 
EVENT LINK. Then it will be a slow wind down to enjoying some pagan festivities and quality time with family.

Pagan blessings everyone.
Stay kind and true.
A calm and happy Cosey x

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