Post Cosey Complex
It's taken me 2 days to come down from the euphoria of Cosey Complex. Well that and sleeping after the intense day of events then Cosey Club evening that went into the wee hours of Sunday.
I do feel so privileged that so many creatively gifted and wonderful people took part in Cosey Complex. The days events were outstanding for so many reasons, not least for the opportunity to hear and see such diverse inspired and inspiring works in an atmosphere free of pretension and loaded with the spirit of generosity. The day and evening were truly 'cosey as methodology' in action. My heart felt thanks to everyone involved - Maria Fusco, Richard Birkett, Martin Bax, Clunie Reid, Graham Duff, Anthony Elms, John Duncan, Daniela Cascella, Chris Kraus, Corin Sworn, Diedrich Diedrierichsen, Gerard Byrne, Rob Stone and Zak Kyes for the excellent Reader. Cosey Club was awesome so thank you Richard Clouston, Caoimhe, Jon, Andrew Weatherall, Fixmer McCarthy, Factory Floor and Eve Black Eve White. I was blown away by it all.

So here's some pics for everyone.

A very elated Cosey


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