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Cosey Fanni Tutti appears in this film

A British Sex Comedy
1975, 35mm film, colour, 80 min
Soft-core feature film.
Director : Morton Lewis
Custer's Thirteen (hardcore version)
It's Getting Harder All the Time (USA)
Naughty Girls on the Loose (USA)
Secrets of a Super Stud UK
(alternative spelling)
Also available on PAL DVD & VHS video.
Custer Firkeshaw: Anthony Kenyon
Peter : Mark Jones
Miranda : Jenny Westbrook
Rita : Janet Adler
Beryl : Bobby Sparrow
Boy : Alan Hendrick
Jane : Paula Martin
Susan : Joanna Richards
Julie : Juliette Groves
Aunt Sophie : Margaret Burton
Uncle Clifton : Raymond Young
Cousin Henry : David Pugh
Bernie Selby : Alan Selwyn
Nurse : Candida Hershman
Dr. Lemmon : David Rayner
Dr. Halldenberger: Michael Cronin
Miss Preeps : Claire Lancaster
PR Man : Jay Neill
Sybil : Maggie Wright
Toogood : Bill Boazman
Miss Eff : Daniella Fletcher
1st Old Lady: Ellie Reece Knight
2nd Old Lady: Andee Cromarty
Gas Girl : Cosey Fanni Tutti
Aunt Cissy : Gabrielle Blunt
Divinia : Toba Laurence
Antonia : Claire Kershaw
Penelope : Marion Page
Matilda : Yvette Rey
Housemaid : Vivienne Chaplin
Telegram Boy : Ron Cook
Registrar : Robert Milton
Masseuse : Jacquie Rigby
1st Lady Burglar: Heather Deeley
Tommy : Ian Morris
Dicky : Jonathan Addison
Porter : Terry Wood
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Newspaper ad from the London Evening Standard (1975)